ADHDC, Founded by an ADHD Parent for ADHD Parents

ADHD has been a theme my whole life. I don't have it, but was surrounded by it growing up.


My son was diagnosed with ADHD and then ADHD parenting became a very real part of my life. I began a crusade to find the best resources available.  I started acquiring all of the ADHD information I could. I read books on the subject; met with therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists; attended lectures; networked with other parents; and scoured every website and blog available. I became a full-time advocate for my son.  In the process, I became active in our school and special needs community.  This practical experience combined with living in Arlington for over 22 years prompted me to start ADHDC.


As a former PTA President for a top Arlington County school and an involved member of the community, I have developed many key relationships.  I am able to help families acquire information and access the resources needed to better understand ADHD parenting and special needs. 


Please contact me for an initial conversation.



Katherine Price